Not One But Two

It’s been a little while since I left you with ‘A Baby on the Way’.  And as is often the case as we walk down the road of life, the way has looked vastly different and in so many ways more beautiful than I could have dreamed when we started down the path of emergency foster care.

After getting licensed at the end of October, we started receiving calls for possible placements of kids.  The first call we got was for a 2 yr old boy.  We knew very little about his circumstance, but we knew his name and over that little boy I cried and prayed.  He was a little bit outside of our original age range, which capped off at 18 months, but how could we say no to a kid in need of a home when we had one to give?  The hours waiting to hear if he would be coming to our home dragged on and on until finally we settled into the realization that we would never meet this little boy.  We received a couple more calls in the coming weeks, but ended up with no precious children in our nursery.  Each call brought a flood of fear and excitement, and while in some ways it was hard to sit in the unknown, I was grateful for the heartache over each child’s broken circumstance which urged me to bring each of those names to the feet of Jesus, knowing He knows and sees and loves them far more than I ever would.


Referral just came in for 17 month old twin boys. Interested?” was the text that came in.  It was the Monday after Thanksgiving, about 1:30 in the afternoon, and we weren’t sure we were prepared, but an hour and a half later we had twin boys in our apartment.  Sometimes looking back I think that the term ‘whirlwind’ was created exactly for days like these.  I raced home from work, picking up a car seat from a friend of a friend on the way, and walked in as the case worker was trying to settle two shell-shocked boys into our home.  She tried to give us as much information as she could, but as is the nature with most foster care circumstances, what you don’t know far outweighs the little bit you do.



We’ve come a long way from that sunny day in November; changed more diapers, kissed more owies, and cried from laughter more times than I care to count. We thought we had signed up for short term care, one baby at a time, and what we got were two precious toddlers who would root themselves in our hearts and our lives for the long haul.

There may never be enough time nor sufficient words to tell all the Lord has done and taught, but I hope to share with you glimpses of what He is doing in coming blog posts I think I’ll call ‘Memoirs of a Momma.’  For the protection of the twins, I can’t use their names or give too much background, but for the sake of the story I’ll call them D and J and hope that you get to know them from afar.


“This is the most painful, most challenging, most beautiful and most wonderful journey we have ever walked.  We wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Last fall as we began this journey to foster, a friend of mine who was fostering as well said to me: “This is the most painful, most challenging, most beautiful and most wonderful journey we have ever walked.  We wouldn’t change it for the world.” She was right, and I couldn’t have worded it any better myself.  We have needed and been enveloped by a community of believers who have loved us so thoroughly and so meticulously.  The Lord has provided for us time and time again, be it in clothes and diapers or meals and hugs.  And I have seen the grace of God carry us through tear-stained days to show me moment by moment the depths of His love for us, even in the imperfections of my love for them.  What a wild and wonderful journey.



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